Apartments for sale in Bsalim, El Metn

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Finding an Apartment for Sale in Bsalim

Moving into a new apartment can be a very exciting phase in your life, especially if you manage to get what you are looking for. You might be confused about whether you should be looking for apartments for rent in Lebanon or for sale, but don’t worry it’s no rocket science. Usually, we recommend renting an apartment if you are not willing to spend a considerable time in the apartment, or if the budget needed to buy is currently not available. However, deferred payments and house loans are very popular these day which make buying an apartment much more feasible.

Apartments for sale in El Metn are in high demand, especially apartments for sale in Bsalim, Baabdat, and Ain Saadeh. You can find an apartment for sale in Bsalim for a starting price of around $110,000 and can reach up to $1,400,000. It is very rare to find an apartment for sale in Bsalim that’s less than a 100 sqm in area, however it’s possible to find small apartments and would usually be for less than $150,000. Almost all apartments for sale in Bsalim consist of a minimum of two bedrooms and are more than 150sqm in area. If you’re looking for a mid-sized apartment for sale in Bsalim that’s around 180sqm in area, you might have to pay more than a $500,000 for it. The biggest apartments for sale in Bsalim on the other hand consist of 5 bedrooms and can reach up to 450sqm in area.

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Other areas in El Metn

If we come to compare apartments for sale in Bsalim with apartments for sale in Ain Saadeh for instance, we will find that both areas in El Metn district have very similar offerings, the same goes for Baabdat. Apartments for rent in Baabdat however are smaller than those in Ain Saadeh which can reach up to 400 sqm in size. While in Baabdat on the other hand, it’s very rare to find apartments that are greater than 290 sqm. As for prices in these two areas, they range between around $160,000 and $110,000,000.

Apartments for sale in Monteverde on the other hand, are bigger and more expensive. Prices there range between $190,000 and $2,000,000, while apartment sizes vary between 210sqm and 550 sqm on average. If you are a fan of duplex apartments, there’s a high chance that you might find the duplex you wish for in Bsalim. They are usually more expensive than simplex apartments and can go beyond $1,000,000 in price.

Before you start looking for apartments for sale in Bsalim, try to understand your needs and set your criteria accordingly. Filtering your search narrows down the search results saving you time on checking irrelevant offerings. Search online for “Bsalim Apartments for sale” or “Bsalim Apartment for sale” for example, compare and understand the market of apartments for sale in Bsalim. Don’t rush into taking the final decision, make sure to conduct a general investigation of the apartments that appeals the most to you to avoid future surprises and high maintenance costs.