Apartments for sale in Broumana, El Metn

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Apartments for Sale in Broumana

Broumana is a town that falls in El Metn district, a part of Mount Lebanon. It elevates around 800m above sea level, and is located east of Beirut overlooking the Mediterranean.

Besides its residents, this town has been the destination for many tourists or Lebanese citizens looking for a weekend getaway. For this reason, many opt to rent or buy different types of residences in this town. Popular type of residences there are villas for sale in Broumana, apartments for rent in Broumana in addition to apartments for sale in Broumana. Many Lebanese looking for an apartment for sale in Mount Lebanon buy an apartment for sale in Broumana as a long-term investment which they can put out for rent. Others look for apartments for sale in Broumana as a mountain home where they can spend there weekends and summer vacation at. Broumana has also been known for its hospitality, whether it was Mounir or Kasr Fakhreddine restaurants, or Grand Hills and Al Boustan Hotels.

Prices of apartments for sale in Broumana range between $140,000 and $1,400,000. However, furnished apartments for sale in Broumana can reach around $4,000,000 in price. Usually, apartments for sale in Broumana consist of one to 7 bedrooms and can range between 100 and 800 sqm in size. If you’re looking for an apartment for sale in Broumana to spend your weekends with your family and friends at, then you might want to look for a big apartment where you can all comfortably fit in.

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How to Pick Your Apartment

You might also want to spend your mornings and nights at the balcony or terrace, then you would want to look for an apartment for sale in Broumana with a mountain view.

Before you start your online search for “Broumana apartments for sale”, make sure to decide on the apartment amenities and specifications that you’re looking for. This will depend on your family size or the number of people that are expected to stay at the aparments, in addition to possible rooms that you would like to dedicate to certain activities like working out or reading. After that, set your budget and you’re ready to insert all that information in the search engine along with “Broumana apartments for sale”. This will help you narrow down the results to those that are relevant to you saving you time. Once you have several apartments that seem suitable, it’s time to compare between the offerings. You might want to consider the view of each apartment for sale in Broumana, it’s proximity to places that you might be visiting frequently like restaurants and cafes, in addition to it’s proximity to your permanent residence in case you plan to visit this apartments on weekends only. One last step is conducting a general inspection for the apartment for sale in Broumana that you decide on to check for problems that might surprise you in the future. Check for signs of water leakage from walls and ceilings, make sure that the water cycles are working and that doors and windows are just in place. In case you wanted a second opinion, you can seek the consultation of a real estate specialist who will help you make a better informed decision.