Apartments for sale in Baabdat, El Metn

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Apartments for Sale in Baabdat

There are lots of decisions to be taken when it comes to finding yourself a new residence. Some people prefer living in a villa, others in a duplex or even a one-flat apartment. Another decision to be taken is whether you would want to rent your new residence or buy it for instance. Experts recommend that if you have the budget for buying an apartment, and are planning to reside there for more than 5 years, then buying an apartment might be right for you. However, if you currently don’t have the budget, there are many apartments for rent in Mount Lebanon to pick from. On the other hand, many consider finding an apartment for sale in Baabdat for example as a long-term investment since they can benefit from leasing the apartment and receiving a monthly or annual rental fee.

One of the most popular areas to find an apartment for sale in El Metn is Baabdat, Beit Meri, Broumana, Ain Saadeh, Bsalim, Mansourieh and Rabieh. Prices of apartments for sale in Beit Meri for example usually range between $130,000 and $1,800,000. Apartments for sale in Dora for example are less expensive, and prices there usually range between $90,000 and $320,000.

If you’re looking for an apartment with a beautiful mountain view and would like to enjoy a pleasant weather all year long, then Baabdat might be the right destination for you. If you search online for “Non-furnished Baabdat apartment for sale” you will mainly find apartments that consist of 2 to 4 bedrooms, and are around 100 to 400 sqm in size. Prices of apartments for sale in Baabdat range between $170,000 and $2,250,000.

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Not all apartments for sale in Baabdat are similar to each other, each apartment for sale in Baabdat is different in its view, size and amenities. You can find an apartment for sale in Baabdat less than $200,000 in price and around 200 sqm in size. On the other hand, you might find apartment for sale in Baabdat that’s above $500,000 in price and around 150 sqm in size. High-end apartments for sale in Baabdat usually come with a walk-in closet or built in wardrobes, home helper room, concierge room, and covered parking spots. Apartments for sale in Baabdat that come with a terrace are quite popular, a terrace is usually something between 60 and 200 sqm in size and has lots of greenery.

Don’t rush into buying an apartment for sale in Baabdat, finding the right apartment is a process that needs some time. First, try to figure out what you need to have in an apartment from amenities, and decide on the number of bedrooms that you need which mainly depends on your family size. Second, set a budget that you are not willing to exceed then insert all your search criteria in the search engine and start your search for “Baabdat apartment for sale”. Once you find a couple of apartments that you’re interested in make sure to compare them in terms of price and how suitable they are for your needs. Finally, conduct a general inspect for the apartments for sale in baabdat that you decide on buying to make sure that they don’t have problems that will surprise you in the future.