Apartments for sale in Mar Takla, Baabda

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Finding an Apartment for Sale in Mar Takla

Apartments for sale in Baabda are mostly available in Hazmieh, Yarzeh, Rihaniyye, Louaize, Al Jamhour and Mar Takla. Prices would range between around $120,000 and $3,000,000; varying between 50 and 500 sqm in size. If you’re planning to move in on your own into a new apartment, consider finding a studio apartment for sale in Hazmieh. Hazmieh is currently booming big time, whether it's new real estate or entertainment projects. It is around 10 minutes away from Beirut and hosts one of Lebanon’s most visited dining and shopping places like the Backyard Hazmieh and City Center Beirut. If you’re looking for a bigger apartment that ranges between 150 and 450 sqm, try searching for an apartment for sale in Hadath or Mar Takla. An apartment for sale in Mar Takla would range between around $300,000 and $1,000,000; depending on the apartment’s specifications and building amenities. If you’re newly married and are expecting a baby soon for example, don’t buy an apartment that has less than 2 bedrooms. The number of bedrooms you need usually depend on how many people will be living in the apartment and some activities that you might want to dedicate a whole room for. Some parents prefer that their children have a study room where they keep all their books and stationery at; others prefer that their children play only in a playing room to avoid having messy bedrooms. If you’re an artist who take painting seriously for instance, you might want to have a painting room where you keep your canvas and painting material in a quiet and calm ambiance.

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How to Pick Your Apartment

Athletic people with busy schedules often hate skipping workout; a studio gym at home can be great to help them stay fit and on track. These are all examples of room uses that might require an upsize, however make sure that you be realistic when taking this into consideration. You also need to know what budget is right for you and won’t cause you any financial trouble in the future. What are your fixed and non-fixed monthly expenses? Do you have any debt? Are you planning to buy something expensive in the near future? Taking all this into consideration and more would help you set a budget that you can actually afford.

Don’t start searching for “Mar Takla apartment for sale” before you set your priorities. Knowing what you need and want before you actually scroll through hundreds of properties online will you narrow down search results and save you much time and effort. Once you have the list of your desired criteria in hand, start searching online and check out all the mentioned details. You might want to call property managers before visiting an apartment to ask for more details so that you don’t visit a lot of irrelevant apartments. Once you visit the apartment, take notes of all what you like and dislike there. When you go back home, compare the apartments and value for money to help you see things in a more clear way. You might also want to conduct a general inspection for the apartment you plan to buy in order to check for major problems that can cause you a lot of maintenance and repair costs in the future.