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Your Guide to Finding an Apartment for Sale in Hazmieh

Hazmieh is a town in Baabda district which is a part of Mount Lebanon’s governorate. This town is 6km away from Beirut, and elevates between 50-200m above sea level. Hazmieh has around 2000 business units, 7500 residential units and 55,000 residents spread over 3 km².

When it comes to living in Hazmieh, this modern town has a lot to offer. You can either look for an apartment for rent in Hazmieh or an apartment for sale. Rental prices vary between $700 and $4000 per month, which are generally less expensive than apartments for rent in Beirut.

If you’re looking to buy an apartment in a building with high-end finishing in Lebanon, Hazmieh can offer you a lot more for less. Apartments for sale in Beirut with the same specifications as those in Hazmieh are much more expensive to buy. This small town has almost everything you need accessible around which makes you feel like you’re living right in the city. Whether it’s pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, gyms and sports clubs, or even shopping malls, it’s all there.

Apartments for sale in Hazmieh widely vary in their offerings. You can find a cozy apartment that’s around 75sqm for less than $150,000. On the other hand, for around a $1,500,000 you can find an apartment that’s as big as 500 sqm in area. A typical apartment for sale in Hazmieh usually consists of two beds or more, yet you might find some apartments with one bed only.

As for the quality of construction, Hazmieh has been a booming center of high-end finishing real estate projects in Lebanon. Most popular residential areas in Hazmieh are Mar Takla and Brasilia, where you will mainly find high-end apartments for sale in Hazmieh at.

In fact, Hazmieh has been recently booming with many high standard projects coming to market. For instance, City Center’s only branch in Lebanon is in Hazmieh. It’s very similar to the City Center malls in the UAE in terms of design, especially to that in Deira. It also offers a very similar shopping, dining, and entertainment experience.

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THe Backyard

Most Popular Attractions in Hazmieh

VOX Cinemas and Carrefour are the most popular outlets in City Center Hazmieh, with people visiting the mall from all around Lebanon to watch movies there or benefit from Carrefour’s competitive prices and offers. Besides Carrefour, other big supermarkets open in Hazmieh are Spinneys & Fahed Supermarket. In terms of dining and entertainment, one of the most recent projects launched in Hazmieh is The Backyard, which was developed by the same people who launched The Village Dbayeh. The Backyard is an open-air complex with 17 restaurants and pubs, a gym and a kids play area. It has combined different restaurants, eateries and cafes of different cuisines to satisfy your taste buds in a fresh air open ambience. Some of the most popular restaurants and cafes open there are Classic Burger Joint, Zaatar W Zeit, Tsunami, Roadster Diner, Divvy, Dip N Dip, Lina’s Paris and not to forget Starbucks. So whether you’re in for some Japanese cuisine, fast-food or some coffee, The Backyard is your destination.

As for sports, Hazmieh has one of Lebanon's biggest sport club which is Hoops club. This club has the newest sport facilities and a number of courts available for daily rent like basketball courts, mini-football courts, outdoor offical football grass court, tennis courts, fitness studios, kids activity area and a gym.

So if you’re considering an apartment for sale in Hazmieh, you can rest assured that Hazmieh has almost all you need when it comes to services, shopping, dining and entertainment. If you’re looking for a great value for money, go online, filter your criteria and let your search for “Hazmieh apartments for sale” start today!