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Finding an Apartment for Sale in Bchamoun

Aley is home to hundreds of apartments for sale mainly in Aramoun, Bchamoun, Dawhett Aramoun, Khalde, and Dawhit El Hoss. If you’re a fan of high-end finishing, you can search for apartments for sale in Dawhet Aramoun, Aramoun and Choueifat. Apartments for sale in Aramoun for example range between $150,000 and $300,000 and consist of two to three bedrooms. If you’re looking for something different, you can find less expensive apartments like apartments for sale in Khalde, Qabr Chamoun and Bchamoun. Among the most searched apartments online in Aley is “Bchamoun apartments for sale”. Bchamoun is a residential area that is home to around 5,000 residents and is about 18km away from Beirut. It rises 550 m above sea level and has an area of 700 ha. Before the rise of modern architecture in the area, Bchamoun had an agricultural stamp. Today, agriculture still remains in Bchamoun but as home agricultural. The price of apartments for sale in Bchamoun usually range between $150,000 and $500,000 and consists of two to three bedrooms. As for the apartment’s space, it would range between 100 and 300 sqm which can be very suitable for various residential needs. If you walk around the streets of Bchamoun, you’d find that it has a mixture of traditional Lebanese and modern architecture that blend beautifully forming what Bchamoun looks like today.  

Now the first thing you’d want to do in the apartment hunting process is to drive around Bchamoun and discover the neighborhoods there. What kind of neighborhoods do you prefer?

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How to Pick Your Apartment

Do you want to live in a walking community where you can go for morning walks or around an outdoor space that’s work-out friendly? There are several neighborhoods that are surrounded with wide spaces of greenery where you can exercise at while taking a breath of fresh breeze. While picking a neighborhood, keep in mind the distance to your workplace and other places that you frequently visit. You wouldn’t want to live somewhere far from work and spend hours on your way there. You would also spend less transportation costs and perhaps go walking to work if it was at a working distance from home. After that, figure out the number of rooms you need in the apartment. Are you going to live on your own there or with your family? Do your friends frequently sleep over at your place? Do you like to have a studio gym at home? Do you prefer that your kids have a separate playing or studying room? All this helps you find the convenient number of rooms for you and avoid living in a space that is smaller or bigger than you need. Now it’s time to set a budget before you finally start searching for apartments for sale in Bchamoun. Take your expenses and debt into consideration and include your anticipated big payments as well in your budgeting. This will help you set a budget which you can comfortably spend over the long term and manage to keep some savings aside as well. Now that you have your criteria in hand, go online and start searching for “Bchamoun apartments for sale”.