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Finding a Duplex for Sale in Lebanon

Living a duplex is a very convenient choice for those looking for a big space yet don’t want to get overwhelmed by living in an independent house. Living in an independent house means that you need to take care of your residential building; yourself. You need to hire people to take care of the house, whether it was the physical building, garden, backyard, garage, security, electric generator, water supply, etc. If you were living in a residential building on the other hand, the building’s management would take care of all the mentioned points above. A residential building would have its own water well, a team of building helpers, janitors, maintenance and security people. The shared garden, swimming pool and gym for instance would be frequently maintained and cleaned for its residents to enjoy. This is why many people choose to live in a duplex apartment over a villa or any other type on independent residential buildings.

You can find a duplex for sale in Lebanon in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and the North. The size of a duplex for sale in Lebanon can range between 100 and 1,500 sqm. El Metn, Jbeil and Kesrouane usually have on of the least expensive duplexes in Lebanon. A duplex for sale in Beirut on the other hand would probably be the most luxurious and expensive duplex for sale in Lebanon. You can find a duplex for sale in Beirut in areas like Down Town, Solidere, Sursock, Achrafieh, and Ramlet El Bayda. The price of a duplex for sale in Lebanon there can range between $500,000 and $ 10,000,000. A less expensive choice which can be luxurious too would be a duplex for sale in Mount Lebanon.

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You can find a duplex for sale there in areas like El Metn, Kesrouane and Baabda. Luxurious duplexes for sale in Mount Lebanon can be found in Rabieh, Mtayleb and Biyada. A less expensive duplex can be found in Blat, Safra and Klayaat. Usually, prices there range between $150,000 and $4,000,000. You can also find a less expensive duplex for sale in Lebanon in the North area. A duplex for sale in the North can range between $200,000 and $650,000 in price, and can be mainly found in Batroun and Koura.

Before you start searching online for “duplex for sale in Lebanon”, make sure to decide on the specifications of the duplex which you’re looking for. First, set your budget. Then, decide on the size of the duplex which mainly depends on the number of people that would be living in it. You also might need extra rooms for other activities like a gym, reading or kids’ playing room. And before making any purchasing decision, conduct a general inspection for the duplex. An inspection would save you future surprises that might cause you trouble. Watch out for water leakage signs, make sure that the water cycles are working just fine, try opening and closing the doors and windows, etc. Also try to pick a duplex that is close to your frequently visited place to save commuting times and some fuel. Remember, you can consult a real estate agent for a better informed decision!