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Everything you need is in Bekaa

Zahlé is the capital and the largest city of Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon. With around 50,000 inhabitants, it is the fourth largest city in Lebanon after Beirut, Tripoli and Baalbek Zahle is known as the city of “wine and poetry” in Lebanon, also known for its pleasant climate and its vast riverside restaurants that offer quality arak.

There is also a variety of apartments for sale in Zahle, since its the capital of Bekaa. There are numerous hospitals, shopping centers, and academic facilities in Zahle. Apartments for sale in Zahle can vary from $100,000 to $250,000, it all depends if you want an apartment for salewith a panoramic view or if you want to live in the outskirts of Zahle in total silence.

zahle lands for sale
zahle land for sale

Types of Lands in Bekaa

In Zahle there are many lands for sale that you can invest in, that will make you a gruesome amount of return due to the agriculture region. Spacious lands of 18,000 sqm to 25,000 sqm can cost you anywhere between $925,000 to $10,000,000. This also depends on the type of property for sale that you are looking to invest into; whether you want to build a house or building, commercial rent or commercial sale, or have a land to harvest crops in.

To get the best property in Zahle that will be of convenience to you, make sure you consult with one of various brokerage firms in the Zahle area. They will know exactly what type of property you need whether it’s for a summer house or an investment that you want to make in one of the best agricultural regions in Lebanon.