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Land for Sale in Zahle

Zahle is the capital of Bekaa Governorate and its largest city. This city is 55km east Beirut and elevates approximately 1,000 m above sea level with a population of around 50,000 residents. Zahle has its own municipality, the chamber of commerce, industrial and agricultural sectors, as well as different ministries. As for the health sector, Zahle has a health center which is the first to be in Bekaa. So if you’re looking forward to invest in a land for sale in Bekaa, Zahle might be just right for you. A land for sale in Zahle is usually more expensive than lands for sale in West Bekaa and Baalbeck for example, which allows you to provide more high-end services.

Before buying a land for sale in Zahle, make sure to take several aspects into consideration. Lands usually have certain zoning plans and restrictions upon which you’re allowed to operate on. A simple call to Zahle’s local zoning department can inform you about the land’s zoning requirements and restrictions. This will help you better judge whether a land suits your plans or not. Not all lands are classified within the same categories too; you need to understand under which category does the land you’re planning to buy falls under. A land for sale in Zahle can be a commercial, agricultural, residential, industrial or a mixed-used land. Know what’s the land classified as and make sure that it goes along with your plans.

The typography of the land for sale in Zahle which you’re planning to buy can impact how you operate on it. Conduct a study about the shape and features of the area since because this can affect what you build on the land or how you use it. Watch out for unsuitable elevations or cliffs as well; you can’t build a house on a land that does not have a stable elevation.

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land for sale in Zahle

How to Choose the Land

Another important thing to be informed about is the municipality’s plans since they might impose certain restrictions related to the land. Your plans might not be feasible on the land for sale in Zahle due to municipality restrictions, or might go just fine. Just make sure that you fully understand all the restrictions and requirements before making a purchase that you would regret later on. You also don’t want to ignore the absence of public utilities like gas, electricity, sewer, water and telecommunication. These are crucial utilities especially for residential purposes, residents won’t be okay with living in a place where such utilities are not available. Yet sometimes you can find a way to get around the absence of public utilities like drilling a well for clean water for instance. Just make sure to check what’s unavailable and whether you can solve this issue in some way or another. A land’s market value and marketability play a huge role if you’re planning to resell it in the future for residential purposes, this is why you need to make sure that the land for sale in Zahle that you’re buying is a build-able land. You also wouldn’t want to buy a land which is landlocked with no easy and safe road access. Again, there might be a way to get around this. Your neighbors for instance might be willing to provide you with an access through their land.

Make sure to consider all these aspects before buying a land for sale in Lebanon to make sure that you’re on track and are investing your money in the right place.

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