Studios for Sale in Beirut

The concept of minimalist living is becoming quite popular in Lebanon especially that it allows you to live in cooler parts of a city for lower prices. Yet unlike studios for sale in Mount Lebanon, studios for sale in Beirut are quite more expensive to buy. However you can look for studios for rent or small apartments for rent in Beirut in case you can’t afford buying an apartment for the time being. If you decide to rent an apartment or a studio, make sure that rental and housing fees do not exceed 35% of your monthly income. On the other hand, if you have the enough budget to buy and are willing to stay in the apartment or studio for more than 5 years, specialists recommend that you buy rather rent a residence.

Prices of studios for sale in Beirut range between around $300,000 and $700,000. As for the size of studios for sale in Beirut, it’s usually between 85 and 100 sqm.

If you were looking for a way to kick off your independent single life or are newly married or even a university student, buying one of the studios for sale in Beirut can save you lots of money that could’ve been spent over space that you don’t need. Add to that, the less rooms you have the lower are the electricity bills. And as mentioned before, you get to live in cooler parts of the city if you live in one of the studios for sale in Beirut. This allows you to enjoy a nice neighborhood that matches your lifestyle, and can save you lots of commuting times to your workplace and other nearby facilities. Studios for sale in Achrafieh for instance are becoming very popular given that the area has a lot to offer.

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Reasons to Buy a Studio

Whether it’s restaurants, coffee shops, shops, pharmacies, schools, universities or other local facilities, they’re all available in Achrafieh. You could commute between your studio and ABC Achrafieh for instance with a bike, which again saves you lots of fuel. Living in a studio for sale in Beirut would cost you less to furnish. You wouldn't need lots of furniture to fill every room in the apartment thanks to the less space available. You would cross less distance between different sections of your apartment if you live in a studio. Let’s say it’s movie time and you’ve prepared some popcorn and drinks, but as you lay down the sofa you remember the drink left on the kitchen bar.. In a studio, you’ll barely move two steps to grab your drink instead of crossing a whole apartment. Lost items are easier to find in studio apartments. Since everything is within the same room, it’s much easier to find that lost notebook or usb! Studio apartments also promote decluttered environments since very little things can fit in it. Studio apartments for sale in Beirut force you to keep what you really need and love. And when it comes to cleaning your apartment, studios need much less hectic cleaning. You could clean your whole apartment in little time and enjoy relaxing at home for the rest of the day. Multi-tasking becomes easy in a studio apartment since everything you need at home is within your each. You could be cooking as you keep an eye on your child and watch TV. This way, you would take tasks off your to-do list in less time. Want more reasons to buy studios for sale in Beirut?