Properties for sale in Solidere, Beirut

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Properties for Sale in Solidere

Buyers in the real estate market are mainly either investors or direct consumers. Investors are constantly on the hunt for exclusive real estate properties to make profits out of. Most popular real estate property types for sale in Beirut are apartments, duplexes, triplexes, and lands. When it comes to real estate properties, they are mainly put out there for either sale or rent. From an investor’s position, buying properties is the most common investment since there are several ways to make money out of it. Before discussing this, let’s mention the different types of real estate investments. Real estate investments can be classified as residential, commercial, retail, industrial or mixed-use investments. Each type has it’s own unique nature and investment method which investors are usually aware of ahead of time. One type of residential real estate investments is when investors buy apartments, duplexes, triplexes, villas or any sort of residential buildings and plan to put it out for rent. If you buy an apartment in Solidere for example, you can put it out for rent for as high as $15,000 depending on the apartment specifications and building amenities. Based on the rental agreement, the property owner and tenant agree on a stay duration and other aspects of managing the property. Generally speaking, most rental agreements in Lebanon are monthly or yearly ones. As for commercial real estate investments, investors usually buy office buildings or skyscrapers for companies and small business owners to rent. Rental agreements of commercial properties are usually yearly or multi-year leases which gives the property owner more stability in cash-flow. This also means that the rental agreements will not change as the market prices fluctuate, whether increasing or decreasing.

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Types of Real Estate Investments

Warehouses used as distribution centers, storage units and other properties used for a special purpose like car washes where customers use the facility temporarily fall under industrial real estate investments. What attracts investors to such properties is the significant revenue stream that increases the return of investment for the investor. Shopping malls and other retail stores fall under retail real estate investments. What attracts investors to this category is the percentage of sales received from generated sales which can be highly profitable at times. Other type of properties that combine two or more of the above categories fall under mixed-use real estate investments. An example of mixed-use real estate properties would be a building that has office spaces in addition to retail stores on the ground floor.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a residential property for your individual use; Ain Al Mraiseh, Kantari, Saifi, Clemenceau, Down Town and Solidere are home to high-end real estate properties for sale. If you want to find an apartment in Solidere for example, this area has a lot of luxury to offer you. Before you search online for apartments, set your priorities and stick to them. Decide on the neighborhood, number of bedrooms and budget and insert them as criteria in search engines. This will help you get narrowed down results that will save you time and effort and help you take a better informed decision.