Properties for sale in Sioufi, Beirut

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Properties for Sale in Sioufi

You can find an apartment for sale in Sioufi for something between $270,000 and $2,000,000. Apartments in this area range between 90 to 350 sqm, consisting of 2 to 4 bedrooms. Duplexes are also available in Sioufi yet are priced at the upper range of prices and are above 300 sqm in size which can be very suitable for families. Duplexes allow individuals to enjoy the luxury of living in a big space with privacy between its bedrooms and other rooms without the hassle of managing an independent residence. Duplexes in Sioufi usually are bigger than 350 sqm for nothing less than $2,000,000. Apartments for sale in nearby areas like Sassine, prices range between $400,000 and $2,000,000 for a 100-450 sqm apartment.

Sioufi is close to many of the city’s most attractive locations. If you still aren’t familiar with the area, try driving or walking around to get an idea of its look and feel. When you actually experience the ambiance of an area, you get to discover whether you’d feel comfortable staying there or not. When picking a neighborhood, there are several aspects to take into consideration. Some of these aspects are your lifestyle, sense of belonging, safety, activities, access to medical care, architecture, and ease of commuting.

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How to Pick Your Neighborhood

See whether the neighborhood matches your lifestyle. If you’re an active person, you’d want to live in a walking community. If you’re a person who appreciates serenity, you’d want to live in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. There’s also something psychological about some places, you either feel home or not. You don’t want to stay in a place that doesn’t feel comfortable to be in. Safety is a key factor in deciding on a neighborhood, consider asking the local authorities and neighbors about incident rates in the area to find out whether it’s a safe place to stay at or not. Generally speaking, Sioufi is a calm area that is safe and fun to live in. There are several of fun and interesting activities to do around. Sioufi also has access to many means of transportation whether it's taxis or buses. Sioufi is also close to medical care since it’s 10 minutes away from big hospital in Beirut like AUBMC, CMC, and Najjar Hospital. Pharmacies are also accessible in the area. As for Sioufi’s architecture, it’s a combination of luxurious modern architecture, and old French colonial style which appeals to different tastes.

Set your residential priorities and stick to them. Insert them into the search engine to get narrowed down results that will help you find out the suitable apartment in Sioufi easier and faster.