Properties for sale in Sanayeh, Beirut

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Properties for Sale in Sanayeh

In Sanayeh, apartments and duplexes are among the most available property types for sale there. The price range of apartments for sale in Sanayeh is between $500,000 and $1,500,000. As for an apartment’s size, it might range between 150 to 350 sqm, and consist of 3 to 5 bedrooms.

Two areas near Sanayeh are Spears and Zarif. Each of these two areas is different from the other in terms of architecture and lifestyle. Apartments for sale in Spears for instance are somehow similar to those in Sanayeh both in price and size. Price range in Spears is between $500,000 and $1,700,000 for a 100 to 300 sqm area. Apartments for sale in Zarif on the other hand are less expensive ranging between $400,000 to $700,000 in price. Apartments over 150 sqm are more common in Zarif area and would usually consist of around 3 bedrooms. What’s attractive about the zone where these areas fall in is its proximity to major sites in Lebanon like Down Town, Hamra and Verdun. Sanayeh is very close to Verdun, around 5 minutes away which is very convenient for its residents. Verdun is known to be the hub of shopping and entertainment, especially after the opening of ABC Verdun. Not to forget about Sanayeh park which gives the area a vibrant green vibe and a breeze of fresh air to enjoy. You can enjoy your morning coffee in the park, an afternoon jog, or a kids’ break there without the need to go somewhere far.

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How to Set Your Priorities

If you aren’t familiar with the area, drive around to discover it. Discover its streets and neighborhoods and take note of all surrounding shops and places you need. Also take into consideration commuting times between your desired residential area and your workplace or other frequently visited places like your parents’ home or the kids’ school. This not only affects your daily schedules but also commuting costs. Another thing to consider is the apartment specifications you need; whether it's the apartment size, number of bedrooms, view, budget or even finishing quality. The apartment size usually depends on how many people will be staying there, and any other activities that require a separate room like gymnasium, painting, reading and writing. Figuring out the right budget is no rocket science, but requires accuracy. You can either consult a financial specialist or do some research to learn how to budget on your own. Take into consideration all your expenses; whether fixed or non-fixed, in addition to any present debt. Calculate the net amount of money you’re left with after deducting expenses and covering debt to find out the net amount of money you’re left with on monthly basis. How you’d want to spend this amount depends on your preferences, figure out how much you’d want to have left for leisure and decide on your budget based on that. Carefully inspect the apartment before you take a serious decision and consider consulting a real estate agent to help you take a better informed decision.