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Properties for sale in Saifi Village

Investors interested in the sector of real estate are on hunt for properties that are forecasted to yield them in big profit margins. And when it comes to Beirut, each area has its own niche market which investors tend to study ahead of time. This usually affects the potential market’s interests and purchasing power which investors need to be aware of ahead of time. Saifi Village has a niche potential market yet of a very high purchasing power. The starting market prices of residential properties there is nothing less than a $1,000,000. Apartments in Saifi Village mainly consist of two to four bedrooms and range between 200 to 450 sqm in size. Although prices are relatively high is Saifi Village, it is less likely to find a residential property for sale there whether an apartment or a duplex for more than $3,000,000. Saifi village is also known for its retail shops especially boutiques; whether art or fashion. Retail shops are available for both rent and sale. Rental fees for a retail shop that’s above 200 sqm in size would be above $5,000 per month. If you’re looking for a retail shop for sale on the other hand, prices start at $500,000 for nearly 40 sqm. Many business are also interested in buying or renting offices in Saifi Village for its strategic location.

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Investors tend to compare the market offerings between their target location and nearby areas to benchmark against competition. Saifi for instance is the closest to Saifi village in terms of distance and market offerings. However, prices in Saifi tend to be much lower. For example, you can find a studio for sale in Safi for less than $500,000; however prices of properties there can go up to $6,000,000. Property areas in Saifi range between 70 sqm and 600 sqm, varying from studios to 5 bedroom residences.

Whether you’re buying the property for your own personal use or as an investment matters when you come to make a choice. You’ll be looking from two different perspectives depending on your purpose. This means that if you’re buying a property for your own use, you need to figure out your residential needs and buy something that fulfills them. If you’re buying a property in Saifi Village that you’re intending to put out for sale, then you need to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. You don’t want to own a property that you wouldn’t use and doesn’t appeal to the market. So set the criteria of the property you need to buy before you start your online search. This will save you a lot of time looking into properties that don’t match your criteria.