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The city of Mar Mikhael

Mar Mkhael is a neighborhood that lies north and south of Charles Helou, the maritime highway that separates the neighborhood from the Port of Beirut area, north of the Geitaoui neighborhood, east of Gemmayzeh, and west of the Pierre Gemayel Highway and the Beirut River. The neighborhood is considered a natural extension of the Gemmayzeh neighborhood, and its main thoroughfare Rue Arménie; connects Beirut Central District to the eastern suburb of Bourj Hammoud. 

After the rebuilding of Beirut Central District created and the emergence of Gemmayzeh, Mar Mikhael was the natural next step in the gentrification of the neighborhood. Mar Mikhael has emerged as one of the most fashionable in Beirut, with many trendy boutiques, art galleries, and antique furniture stores. In addition, many bars, restaurants and cafés have quickly replaced hardware shops, car parts and furniture stores, becoming a "hotspot for Beirut party-goers" and has become the new hub for art and social activity.

Apartments for sale in Mar Mikhael
Properties for sale in Mar Mikhael

What you'll find in Mar Mikhael

Mar Mikhael has one of the highest rental searches due to its strategic location. Apartments for Rent in Mar Mikhael range from $1,200 and reach up to $5,000. Keep in mind that everything is located nearby, whether its work, food or drinks, anything you want you name it. It’s even close to any highway to reach the south, or north of Lebanon. There are also a number of both public and private schools, not to forget the amount of top universities that are also nearby. 

You can also find apartments for sale at reasonable prices in the Mar Mikhael area. Prices can vary from $222,000 to $3,000,000 depending on the amount of rooms and the options that you require in your home. Most buildings are facilitated with their own gym and some even come with a sharing pool. Apartments for sale in Mar Mikhael are mostly requested to be small apartments due to the high demand of  young people that come from different areas in Lebanon or expats that come for leisure or work to Lebanon. 

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