Properties for sale in Mar Elias, Beirut

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Properties for Sale in Mar Elias

The starting price of apartments for sale in Mar Elias is around $370,000 and can go up to a $1,000,000. Apartments are pretty big and consist of 3 to 5 bedrooms, which is from nearly 150 to 300 sqm in size. Aside from apartments, duplexes for sale are available in Mar Elias and are quite bigger than regular apartments. Duplexes range between 200 and 600 sqm in size, and between $550,000 to $1,300,000 in price. What attracts many to stay in a duplex is that it allows them to enjoy the luxury of living in a two-story residence away from the hassle of managing an independent residence. When you stay in a villa, you need to take care of all your resident’s aspects from A-Z by yourself. This includes security, maintenance, electricity, water, garden and pool care, etc. If you stay in a duplex on the other hand, this all would be taken care of by the building’s management without the need to worry about it.

If you’d come to compare Mar Elias with nearby areas like Tallet Al Khayat and Salim Slam, you’d find that it falls in the middle whether in location or prices. Apartments for sale in Tallet Al Khayat range between $650,000 and $2,500,000 in price. Price there are higher than those in Mar Elias because Tallet Al Khayat is considered to be an upscale area especially that it’s very close to Verdun.

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How to Pick Your Property

You can easily find an apartment there between 2 to 4 bedrooms and about 150 to 500 sqm in size. Prices in Salim Slam on the other hand are lower than those in Mar Elias since the highest prices there usually don’t exceed $700,000. Mar Elias has a strategic location in Beirut and is close to everything around. It’s 10 minutes away from Verdun, Achrafieh, Down Town and other prime locations in Beirut. In case you still are not familiar with Mar Elias, park somewhere and get down on your feet. Walk around the commercial street of Mar Elias, go through its narrow streets and get an idea of the look and feel of the area. Some buildings are exposed to less traffic and noise than others, take note of those that you prefer. Also take note of buildings close to pharmacies and grocery stores if this is something you care about. After that, think about what type of residential property in Mar Elias you’re looking for. Is it an apartment or a duplex for instance? If it’s an apartment, think about how many bedrooms you need. This usually depends on the number of people living there and any other activities you’d want a separate room for like gymnastics or painting. Finally, go online and insert your criteria for narrowed and filtered results. Conduct a general inspection for the property before rushing into signing the contract.

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