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Hamra is the Beiruti destination that combines shopping, food, fitness, education, health and student life. This area is known for its residential and commercial nature which is what makes it the hub of discovering Beirut especially to tourists. When it comes to shopping, Hamra has tens of international chains of retail shops and local one. Cafes and restaurants in Hamra have also been a reason behind the buzzing of this area 24/7. The health sector in Hamra has also been regionally renowned for holding major hospitals and health clinics in the region. It’s very usual to hear different regional dialects while walking around Hamra because people from different countries visit it for its health care whether it’s the AUBMC, Najjar Hospital, Trad Hospital or even Clemenceau Medical Center. It’s also very likely to find a bank branch or an ATM every two shops in Hamra which makes it a main financial spot in Beirut. As for student life, Hamra is home for the American University of Beirut, Lebanese American University and Haigazian University. Most popular bookstores in Lebanon are open in Hamra like Antoine, Malik’s Bookshop in addition to Books & Pens. Supermarkets and convenience stores are widely spread around Hamra making it needless to drive away to get your stuff. Apartments for sale in Hamra range between $400,000 and $5,000,000. Studios in Hamra and one-bedroom apartments are very common to find since there’s a demand from students and young professionals for small apartments there.

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Four bedroom apartments on the other hand are also present in Hamra and can reach up to 500 sqm in size which is convenient for big families. Lands for sale in Hamra are also available and can be used for many purposes the most simple one of which is a parking. Parkings in Hamra are almost full all day long which makes it very difficult to find a free parking spot there. Lands for sale in Hamra can reach up to $9,000,000 especially if their area exceeds 500 sqm. If you’re looking for a whole building for sale in Hamra, you can also find ones that can be around $5,000,000. Before you start your property hunt online, make sure that you know what you want. Friendly-user search engines allow you to insert your search criteria for the smoothest user experience. This will help you narrow down search results to save time while filtering for relevant results. Before you buy a property in Hamra, make sure to compare the market offerings and to inspect the property very well. There are many real estate agents out there who can offer you a specialist opinion to help you take a better informed decision.