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Finding a Land for Sale in Beirut

Investors are looking for lands for sale in Lebanon to operate their businesses on or remarket it for incremental profit. One of the most researched land location online is “Beirut land for sale”. Prices of a land for sale in Beirut vary between around $1,500,000 and $40,000,000. As for the size of the land for sale in Beirut, it usually varies between 150 and 6,000 sqm.

There are several questions to answer before buying a land for sale in Beirut. First try to find out from the local zoning depart for what purposes can the land be used for. Lands for sale in Mount Lebanon for instance can be used for industrial, residential, commercial, agricultural or mixed-use purposes. However, a land for sale in Beirut is expected to have many limitations in terms of zoning classifications due to its residential nature.

There are many aspects to evaluate before buying a land for sale in Beirut. Take into consideration is the features and shape of the “Beirut land for sale”. The topography of the land for sale in Beirut impacts how you want to use the land. Another thing that affects how smooth things go with the land for sale in Beirut that you're planning to buy is the availability of certain public utilities like electricity, water, gas, sewer and phone. If you’re searching for a land for sale in Beirut for residential use it would not be suitable to build apartments where residents can’t access clean water. This implies that the land for sale in Beirut that you’re buying is buildable so you retain its marketability and value. Sometimes the lack of access to clean public water is not an issue when you can drill a well to get access for clean water.

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How to Choose the Land

As you might know by now that municipalities do not allow any sort of land investment, rather they impose strict rules and guidelines. For instance, an investor is not allowed to build a industrial factory among residential buildings. Understand the restriction of land use before making a purchase to make sure that you’re allowed to invest in the land according to your plans. Another key aspect when you’re searching for “Beirut Land for sale” is easy road access to the land. A land for sale in Jbeil for example might not have easy road access. However, since Beirut is a highly populated city it’s very unlikely to find a land with no easy road access. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to double check this important aspect before taking a serious decision regarding the land for sale in Beirut. Don’t forget to get an idea about the land’s surrounding. Ask yourself questions like “Is this a desirable residence location?”, “Does this area have a serious deal-breaker?”...

After your online search for “Beirut land for sale” visit the land and try to answer all the questions mentioned above. Think thoroughly about all the answers to take a better informed decision. In case you were still in doubt, you may seek consultation from a real estate specialist or construction companies.