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FInding an apartment for sale in Beirut

You might be confused about whether to look for anapartment for rent in Beirut or for sale, but if you have the budget and are willing to live more than 5 years in the apartment, you might want to buy it instead. Beirut has long been known as the Paris of the Middle East and its highly cosmopolitan society ensures this name sticks despite the many odds stacked against it.

The quality of housing matches the standards that locals hold dear and is influenced by Middle Eastern and European styles. Apartment living in Beirut can be exciting and for those looking either to invest or for a place to call home, one might say it's an ideal location.

Situated on the western coast of Lebanon, Beirut boasts excellent sea views and excellent Mediterranean style living. Apartment sales in Beirut are very favourable and it’s never been better to buy property in Beirut.

Within Beirut itself, apartments for rent in Achrafieh in the older part of the city, are popular and for more upscale living, people choose to stay in an apartment for rent in Ras Beirut, which is home to the American University of Beirut and is always buzzing with students.

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Wide selection of Beirut Apartments to choose from

For the most part, apartments do not come furnished and this is to be expected when buying a property. Styles will vary but Beirut has welcomed all sorts of people from across Lebanon, the Levant and the world so there’s always something that will catch your eye and draw you in.

The quality of housing will vary depending on location but as Beirut is such a busy place, you’ll never be far from the action wherever you stay. Finding an apartment for sale that suits your budget and own personal style is now easier than ever and as many people opt to look a little beyond Beirut for a home, this makes the competition a lot less fierce!

Housing prices remain affordable for those looking to buy an apartment in Beirut and even if you wish to lease the property, the local laws are neutral and don’t favour one party over another. The costs that come with buying an apartment are also moderate in nature so this makes buying an apartment in Beirut even more attractive.