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Finding an Apartment for Sale in Spinneys

The price of apartments in Spinneys range between $800,000 and $2,500,000. To compare market offerings, you might want to benchmark Spinneys against Rmeil, Al Roum area and Zahrat El Ihsan. You can find an apartments in Rmeil for less than $500,000 or above $2,000,000. In Rmeil, apartment sizes usually range between 150 and 400 sqm and consist of two to four bedrooms. Moving on to Al Roum area, you can find an apartment there priced at around $500,000 for something between 150 and 200 sqm. Apartment prices in Zahrat El Ihsan area on the other hand are between $500,000 and $800,000 for a 200 sqm apartment. 

When it comes to apartments for sale in Beirut, Spinneys has a lot to offer you. What’s attractive about Spinneys is that it falls between Beirut’s most popular areas which are Achrafieh, Down Town and Sodeco. Achrafieh hosts almost all facilities you’d need from shopping to dining to medical and educational institutes. Down Town on the other hand is known for its restaurants, cafes, and exquisite shopping experience from affordable to high-end fashion. Moving on to Sodeco, this area has more of a commercial classification since it hosts a huge number of fashion boutiques, bakeries, pastries and banks. The first step before searching online for apartments for sale, get to know Spinneys area. If you’re still aren’t familiar with it, drive or walk around to explore its streets and neighborhoods. Picking a neighborhood is an important step in finding the right apartment since moving into a new place is about more than simply its physical attributes. 

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How to Pick Your Apartment

You’d want to live in an area that fits your lifestyle and you feel comfortable and safe in. Try visiting an area you like several times a day to see what’s it really like to stay there. You can also ask the resident there about their honest opinion regarding the neighborhood; they might provide you with a lot of valuable insights. If you’re a person who enjoys working out, consider living in a walking community where you can find an outdoor space convenient for walking or jogging. You’d be highly interested in neighborhoods that have gyms or fitness studios so you can manage to workout in a busy schedule. If you’re someone who just loves greenery, there are lots of green neighborhoods that are environmentally friendly where you can enjoy being part of. For peace and quiet lovers, search for neighborhoods away from highways where high traffic jams pass by on daily basis. Thoughtfully think about your lifestyle and pick a neighborhood that matches it rather makes it difficult to maintain. The next aspect to consider is the number of bedrooms you need in your apartment. How many people will be living in the apartment or visiting frequently? Be realistic when answering this question since you don’t want to buy a bigger or smaller apartment than the one you need. Finally, set a budget that suits your financial circumstances on both, short and long run. After figuring all this out, go online, insert your criteria, and search for apartments in Spinneys.