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Apartments for Sale in Saifi Village

You can find an apartment for sale in Beirut between $200,000 and $15,000,000. This huge price range is mainly due to the variety of apartment finishing and location. In the eyes of many, Saifi Village is an upscale neighborhood that has it’s unique look and feel. Buildings there have a French style; passionately designed to look like a piece of art. The neighborhood has a lot of cafes and restaurants in addition to high-end fashion boutiques. It falls somewhere between the neighborhoods of Achrafieh and Down Town Beirut; enjoying access to the city’s most demanded facilities. Apartments for sale in Saifi usually range between $1,500,000 and $3,000,000. The size of an apartment would usually range between 200 and 400 sqm, consisting of two to four bedrooms. Apartments for sale in Achrafieh highly vary in price due to the different nature of streets and facilities around, in addition to the apartment finishing and size. For instance, you can find an apartment for sale in Achrafieh for less than $500,000 or more than $10,000,000. Studio apartments are becoming quite popular there especially for individuals planning to move in on their own. Living in a studio apartment can be very convenient for single individuals seeking a minimalist lifestyle, away from sophistication and unnecessary high housing costs. It is less likely to find an apartment for sale in Down Town for less than a $1,000,000, however you might find a couple exclusive deals. Down Town is known for its luxurious high-end finishing apartments, available in big and small sizes. Among high-end finishing apartments, “Saifi Village apartments for sale” has been quite trending online.

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How to Pick Your Apartment

What attracts many to live in Saifi Village is that it provides them with a luxurious residence, access to entertainment facilities, in addition to tens of shopping outlets. If you decided to live in Saifi Village, there are several aspects to consider before you start your online search for “Saifi Village apartments for sale”. Think about what kind of building would you like to live in? Do you want to stay in a modernly designed building or more of a traditionally designed one? What kind of amenities are you looking for in a building? Do you want access to a gym, swimming pool or a garden? Do you want to live in a walking community where you can enjoy walking around and improve your physical activity? After that, figure out how many bedrooms you exactly need. Are you moving in with your big family? Or is it you and your spouse only? Are you seeking an independent single life where you’ll be living on your own? Are there any activities that you’d like to dedicate a whole room for? If you’re an artist or a fashion designer, you might be considering having a separate room for painting or designing. Finally, conduct a financial study to figure out how much you can really afford. For a more accurate study, take your debt in addition to fixed and non-fixed expenses into consideration. Now that you’ve taken the main three aspects into consideration, you’re ready to go online and search for “Saifi Village apartments for sale”.