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Finding an Apartment for Sale in Badaro

If you’re looking for apartments for sale in Beirut, Badaro can be a good choice for you. Prices of “Badaro apartment for sale” can range between $400,000 and $2,000,000, while the size of an apartment usually ranges between 100 and 500 sqm. Most apartments in Badaro consist of 2 to 5 bedrooms, which makes it more suitable for families.

Finding the right apartment is a process that requires caution. There are several questions to ask yourself before going online and searching for “Badaro apartment for sale”. Do you actually want an apartment for sale or an apartment for rent in Badaro? Where exactly in Badaro do you want to live? As you know badaro is close to Horsh Beirut, Qasqas, and Tayyouneh. Do you want to stay near Horsh Beirut, probably in an apartment that has an amazing view of the Horsh? Living near a walking-friendly space can boost your physical activity. You might for example start going with your neighbors on a morning jog or a late night walk. There are several family activities that you can enjoy at the Horsh as well. Do you want to live in a community that has access to a shared pool or gym? How far do you want to live from work or your most visited facilities? This will not only affect your commuting times, but also transportation costs. Then think about how many people will be living in the apartment. While you’re searching for “Badaro apartment for sale”, you can choose the number of bedrooms and size of apartment you’re looking for. You might want to dedicate an extra room for sports equipment for example, make sure to take all this into consideration. After figuring those things out, you still need to figure how much you can actually afford.

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How to Pick Your Apartment

If you don’t have the whole budget cash, you might be required to pay a down payment which is around 10% of the total price of the apartment. Then, you’ll be paying a certain amount per month for the future 20 years perhaps. This will obviously affect the way you spend in the future; so what other payments do you have? You might not be able to travel as much as before, or even spend over entertainment. If you have children, you need to calculate their yearly tuition fees and medical insurance costs for example. Don’t forget to take into consideration your debt and other monthly expenses as well. 

Now look at the results of “Badaro apartment for sale”, they will be filtered based on your criteria. Compare the results according to your previously set criteria before physically visiting the apartment. Once you’re in an apartment, conduct a general inspection. This will help you identify major issues that might surprise you in the future, making you pay lots of money and put so much effort into fixing it. Not that you wouldn’t want to make any cosmetic changes to the apartment, however you want to reduce high maintenance costs. The first thing you would usually notice in an apartment is its walls and floor. Check for major problems like water leakage, insects, problems with doors and windows, etc. Try consulting a real estate agent if you find a difficulty making a decision about the right apartment for sale in Lebanon.