Apartments for sale in Achrafieh, Beirut

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One of the oldest districts of Beirut is Achrafieh which falls in the eastern part of Beirut and is alongside the shore. Achrafieh is both a commercial a residential district known for its narrow winding streets, museums, art galleries, workshops, restaurants and cafes, shopping centers, hotels and hospitals. It has been a prime location for tourism and investment in Lebanon. The most expensive streets to find apartments for sale in Achrafieh are Georges Haimari, Najib Trad, Sursock, Geroges Haddad, Ghandour Saad, Abdel Wahab Inglizi, Wadih Naim, Elias Sarkis and Lebanon Street. If you’re looking for an apartment to buy rather than an apartment for rent in Achrafieh, then you might want to consider that aspects below.

In general, Achrafieh is known for being a more expensive area to live in than many other areas in Beirut. Apartments for sale in Hamra for example can be much cheaper. Yet, you might find a small apartment for less than $250,000. But of course, for an apartment to be relatively cheaper in Achrafieh, you will have to compromise area. There are many apartments in Achrafieh that are around 75sqm in area that might suit your budget. On the other hand, if you’re looking for bigger apartments, you can find an apartment for sale in Achrafieh as big as 800sqm. As for prices, apartments for sale in Achrafieh can reach up to $11,000,000. And if you’re looking for something in between of an area around 300sqm, you might find an apartment for sale in Achrafieh for a price between $500,000 and a 1,000,000. You might want to check the prices ofapartments for sale in Beirutin general before taking action.

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Now let’s say that you’ve done your online research “Achrafieh apartments for sale” or “Achrafieh apartment for sale” and have found a couple of apartments to pick from, you have a couple of things to evaluate. Check which apartment for sale in Achrafieh is closer to facilities you require like work, shops, restaurants, shopping centers or gym. This will help you save time and transportation fees. Then, consider the community which the apartment is in. Is it close to highways or clubs and cafes for example? This is to estimate the amount of passing traffic around you- will it be noisy at peak times? Do you mind having noise during those hours? You can try visiting the neighborhood in different times during the day for a more accurate expectation. As for the building which the apartment is in, how old is it? Usually, the newer the building is the more facilities you can enjoy, and the higher is the resell value. You might want to consult an architect or a specialist in the field. Don’t ignore security, which area is more secure? Are there security measures taken in the building or the street as whole for example? Does the building have security men or cameras around? You probably would love to enjoy your morning coffee on a balcony with a nice view, does an apartment have a blocked view by other buildings? Don’t underestimate the value of a nice view. As for maintenance charges, which apartment is cheaper to maintain? Consider charges like common electricity charges, charges for people hired in the building, and elevator charges for example. Parking can also be a big issue in many apartments as not all apartments have a free parking spot.

With the right list of relevant questions to ask yourself and investigate for, finding the right apartment for sale in Achrafieh can get much easier!