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Finding an apartment for sale in Lebanon

When it comes to housing in the “Switzerland of the East”, Lebanon really comes up to its name. It boasts some stylish apartments and flats that draw inspiration from both Europe and the Middle East alike, coming in at attractive pricing across the length of this Levantine nation.

Prices of apartments have changed significantly upwards after the oil price surge in the GCC due to demand from Gulf residents, however the market has cooled since then and continues to be very favourable for anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish apartment for sale in Lebanon.

The general thinking is that the price of apartments in Lebanon will remain attractive for some time and the time to buy has not been better in recent history. As a country that has come far despite many obstacles, Lebanon has plenty to offer, in particular when you go out of the capital Beirut and towards the beautiful mountain ranges and countryside. Apartment buildings are found throughout Lebanon, mostly in larger cities and there are always apartments coming up for sale every day.

Although the capital Beirut remains a firm favorite with residents due to location and being the largest city in Lebanon, many opportunities can also be found by venturing out towards Mount Lebanon, which boasts excellent value for money without compromising on style and convenience.

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Lebanon Apartments for sale

Within Mount Lebanon, apartments for sale in El Metn andapartments for sale in Kesrouaneare highly sought after and make up a large amount of apartment sales in Lebanon. Another area which also has its fair share of attractive apartments within Mount Lebanon is Baabda. Apartments for sale in Achrafieh are equally popular, located in the Eastern section of Beirut. It’s one of the oldest areas in the city and has a lot of old school beauty.

Apartments in Lebanon are almost always sold as unfurnished and can be as cosy as a studio or 1 bedroom or as large and spacious as a 5 or 6 bedroom apartment. Some sellers may offer some furnishings in an effort to draw in keen buyers looking to score a sweeter deal.

Costs associated with buying an apartment in Lebanon are moderate compared to other similar countries in the region. It is always sound advice to seek the help of legal professionals and reputable real estate experts when looking to make your purchase. Even if you buy an apartment with investment in mind and a view to lease the property, the local laws work to support both landlord and tenant so this makes the buying process even more attractive.