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Head office:Byblos Main Entrance, Byblos Sun Building 3rd Floor

Green Yard Properties is a different kind of real estate firm, based on the belief that Lebanon is one of the best and most beautiful countries to invest in, holding a group of people worthy of owning or renting suitable properties that offer them comfort, pride, and relief. With Jean Khoury Development as our constant and long lasting backbone, our company has been raised on honesty, loyalty, and dedication. Along with Jean Khoury Development, we take pride in being called a worthy team and we have a long list of loyal, satisfied customers to prove our respectful reputation.
Since the start, our vision has been clear and direct: to consistently serve our customers with sustainable developments of lasting value while establishing our agency as the preferred real estate company. We are focused on helping our clients understand that they matter more than just the sale itself, and that our job is not limited to signing a contract, but on creating long lasting relationships of trust and advisory.

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Total properties: 30