Your Guide to a Perfect Honeymoon in Lebanon

You’ve been planning the best night of your life ever since you were a little girl; when you become a queen of the world and marry your prince charming. And to make your dream come true, it’s only complete with a worthy honeymoon.

Are you worried or confused about where to go? Don’t, because we are your saviors, and we have come with a list of the best hotels, places, and resorts in Lebanon for honeymoon. 

Read on and make a choice!


Best Places for Honeymoon in Lebanon


Anjar is a beautiful city in Lebanon that has amazing historical sites and ancient buildings. You would enjoy an amazing honeymoon there!


It is located in Zahlee in Bekaa. 


  • Take pictures to remember forever at the many historical sites and ancient ruins there
  • Choose between a variety of restaurants that offer amazing food


Baalbek is another gorgeous city in Lebanon that is one of the really cool honeymoon places in Lebanon where you can enjoy the beauty of Lebanon, while learning more about the history of the country, taking in the city’s magic.


It is located in Bekaa Valley north of Beirut.


  • Take pictures among the Roman ruins and the other amazing sites like the Temple of Bacchus, Bekaa Valley, and much more
  • Relax at any of the hotels available there like the Kanaan Group Hotel, White Cedar Hotel, Zahle Hills Hotel, and much more


You can say that if Kesrouane is not the best place for honeymoon in Lebanon, it is definitely among  the top 3! It is a magical coastal city, which means amazing weather, perfect view, and the best honeymoon ever! 


It is located in Mount Lebanon Governorate.


  • Have an amazing time at the sea
  • Enjoy the beauty of the city
  • Go sightseeing and learn more about Lebanon’s history, while you take memorable pictures

Best Hotels in Lebanon for Honeymoon

Bayview Hotel

Bayview Hotel is a charming elegant hotel that combines modern feel with traditional decoration, and international standards with Lebanese essence. It is one of the best hotels in Lebanon for honeymoon.


It is located in Central Beirut, on Ibn Sina Street.

Activities and Services

  • Enjoy some romantic time  in your room in front of an amazing sea view
  • Have some fun and romance at the beach
  • Enjoy a drink either inside your room, or outside

Accommodation Fees

The Honeymoon package starts from $175.50 


Le Cedrus Suites Hotel

Le Cedrus Suites Hotel is a wonderful place in the middle of the Cedar mountains. It does not get any more romantic than that! This makes it one of the most amazing hotels for honeymoon in Lebanon.


Located in Cedars in North Lebanon.


  • Relax at the hotel
  • Go skiing 
  • Have delicious meals at the hotel’s restaurant

Accommodation Fees

Price per night is for about $150


Grand Kadri Hotel

Grand Kadri is a 19th-century building with a traditional Lebanese architecture design, which makes it a fairy tale-like hotel in Lebanon for honeymoon. 


It is located in the heart of Zahle, on Boulevard Brazil Street. It is 30 minutes away from Baalbak, and an hour-drive away from Beirut International Airport.


  • Enjoy a relaxing swim at the pool, or just chill there
  • Dine at their cozy restaurant that makes delicious meals
  • Have romantic tours at the nearby attractions like the Zahle’s Berdawni Promenade or the Menshieh Park

Accommodation Fees

Price per night is for about $178


Château Des Oliviers Boutique Hotel

This is a beautiful hotel on a hill in the gorgeous city of Tripoli where you can enjoy yourself and have a romantic magical honeymoon that you always wanted.


It is located in Tripoli, in Haykalieh close to Albert Haykal Hospital.


  • Go skiing in the winter
  • Enjoy a lovely time in the sun-lit terrace
  • Relax and swim in their outdoor swimming pool

Accommodation Fees

Price per night is for about $115


Aphrodite Hotel

Imagine a place where you have lunch at a rooftop restaurant with a mountain and sea view. Sounds like heaven, right? Well، you don’t need to imagine, because this is exactly what you will get at the Aphrodite Hotel.


It is located in Tabarja in Keserwan.


  • Relax at the spacious rooms and suites
  • Enjoy your meals at the rooftop restaurant with a  breathtaking view
  • Go to the beach

Accommodation Fees

Price per night is for about $90


Canari de Byblos

Canari de Byblos Hotel gives you a mixture of modern and ancient feels that shows in  the architecture design using sandstone and wood, which makes it a unique, wonderful place to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon.


It is located in Byblos on Voie 13 on the Highway Exit.


  • Take a teleferique ride which is 10 minutes away
  • Have a blast at the beach close to the hotel
  • Chill with a drink at the hotel lounge
  • Get pampered with their honeymoon special package

Accommodation Fees

The honeymoon special package is for about $200


Residence De France

What makes this hotel special is its amazing location by the beach, which makes it a perfect place for a honeymoon. Residence De France is a charming hotel that guarantees an amazing stay for you.


It is located in Dbayeh on Highway Road in Beirut. 


  • Enjoy a suntan and a swim at the beach
  • Chill at the hotel swimming pool
  • Have your meals at the hotel restaurant, or any of the close by restaurants

Accommodation Fees

Prices per night are for about $95


Finally, you can now easily make up your mind about the best honeymoon resorts in Lebanon, and which one suits you best according to your preferences.

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