Your Guide to The Top Beaches in Lebanon

Everyday is the perfect beach day when it’s summer time in Lebanon or as it is also known.. “Paris of the Middle East”. Whether you are a local or a tourist, find out the best beaches in Lebanon and do not miss out on a day well spent.

Best Beaches in Lebanon

Best Beach Resorts in Lebanon

Lebanon has more than a fair share of spectacular beach resorts. Choose the best for you from this list of beach resorts in lebanon.

EddéSands Hotel & Resort

If you are looking for one of the top beach resorts in lebanon, then EddéSands is the place for you. Whether you are bringing along family or friends, it is an absolutely massive resort that will be your perfect beach getaway.

  • Location: It is located in Seaside Road at Jbeil.
  • Services: International Cuisine – Lots of Events – Spa – Starlight Lounge – Sandy Shores.
  • Prices: Accommodation is available with a price of $100 per night.
EddéSands Hotel & Resort

C Flow Beach Resort

C Flow is well known for delivering outstanding parties especially on Saturdays in addition to offering nice beaches in lebanon.

  • Location: It is located in Seaside Main Road on the beautiful coast of Jbeil in Mastita at Byblos. It is ideally located only 40 minutes away from Beirut.
  • Services: It is considered from the top family beaches in lebanon as it consists of multiple services for all ages like: Swimming Pools, lounge, restaurant areas, green landscapes.
  • Prices: It offers one of the best beach resorts in lebanon prices as accommodation starts from only $70 per night.
C Flow Beach Resort

Mövenpick Hotel and Resort

Movenpick is ranked among the top 10 beach resorts in lebanon and it is the best for you if you want to stay near the Capital “Beirut”.

  • Location: It is located in General De Gaulle street in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Services: It is one of the best family beach resorts in lebanon as it consists of multiple facilities covering every need like: Square Bar – Health Facilities – Recreational Facilities.
  • Prices: Deluxe accommodations with prices starting from $200 per night.
Mövenpick Hotel and Resort

Orchid Luxury Resort

Orchid Luxury Resort is considered one of the new beaches in lebanon, exclusively located on the sunniest spots on the seaside to offer you the most relaxed and luxurious holiday.

  • Location: It is located in Jiyeh, 25 minutes away from Beirut’s Central District.
  • Services: It has one of the best lebanon beaches stretching over 50 metres of white sands and astonishing view of the sea.
  • Prices: Accommodation price starts from $33 per night.
Orchid Luxury Resort

Best Beach Hotels in lebanon

Lebanon is without a doubt one of the best summer spots in the Middle East, but not just that, it also has some of the best beach hotels in Lebanon.

Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort

Kempinski is considered the best holiday beach in lebanon during the summer time, it is a 5-star hotel that is heaven on Earth for most people with the outstanding services it provides.

  • Location: It is located in Al Khatal Al Saghir in Beirut.
  • Services: Restaurants – Laundry services – swimming pools – Spa – Bars.
  • Prices: Average accommodation prices is $220 per night.
Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort

Warwick Palm Beach Hotel

It has one of the top 10 beaches in lebanon with multiple opportunities for swimming and sunbathing.

  • Location: It is located in Phoenicia Street in Beirut.
  • Services: Outdoor swimming pool – Fitness center – Restaurants – Rooftop pools – Sea views.
  • Prices: Accommodation prices start from $100 per night.
Warwick Palm Beach Hotel

Cheap Beaches in Lebanon

If you would like to enjoy your time with an oceanfront escape without spending too much, here are our top picks for free or cheap beaches from all around Lebanon.

Tyre Sour Coast

This is without a doubt the best beach in lebanon to spend a sunny morning although it is a little bit far from Beirut.

  • Location: It is located on the coast of Tyre, 40 kilometers South of Sidon.
  • Services: It has one of the best sandy beaches in lebanon along with offering the best food and beverages.
  • Prices: While it’s one of the best public beaches in lebanon, it’s surprisingly Free!
Tyre Sour Coast

Pierre & Friends

Whether you want to swim, sunbathe or socialize, you should try the most beautiful beaches in lebanon by visiting Pierre & Friends.

  • Location: It is located in Seaside road in Batroun, Lebanon.
  • Services: Friendly staff – Delicious Food – Calm Environment – Amazing Views – Nice Music.
  • Prices: Free entrance.
Pierre & Friends

Private Beaches in Lebanon

If you are looking for a family beach break or a romantic seaside daycation or even a ladies day out to enjoy the beautiful coastal views in the best lebanon beaches

Bella Mare Beach Resort

If you are looking for a ladies for free beach lebanon, then Bella Mare Beach Resort is the place for you. It is a little oasis that guarantees you enjoy the summer vibes with your lady friends.

  • Location: It is located on the beach in Khalde, Lebanon.
  • Services: Sunny Beach – Swimming Pool – White Sands 0 Luxurious Setting.
  • Prices: Entry fees range from $20 to $30 for adults and $8 for kids.
Bella Mare Beach Resort

La Voile Sur Mer

La Voile Sur Mer is not only the most beautiful beach lebanon, but it also offers you extreme privacy as it a ladies only beach.

  • Location: It is located in Seaside road in Rmeileh, Lebanon.
  • Services: Two swimming pools for adults – two swimming pools for kids – Kids’ Playground – Soft Music – Gym – Restaurants – Lounge – Relaxing Massage.
  • Prices: Entry fees starts from $20.
La Voile Sur Mer
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