Things to Do During Christmas Break

Christmas time! Christmas is the most awaited and joyful time of the year. It is full of happy and warm vibes. Friends and family members gather and buy presents for each other to celebrate it. 

Everyone makes wishes for the new year hoping it is a better one. Most of the people have a long break, so we made a list for you of the things that you would love to do during the Christmas break:

Christmas break

Camp in the Mountains

The winter in Lebanon is very interesting as the snow covers the mountains. One of the coolest things that you could do is to go camping in the mountains. It is an adventurous experience that will be full of fun and new things. You can start a snow fight and enjoy marshmallow barbeques. Not just that, you can go skiing and snowboarding. 

Here are some camping places recommended for you:

  • Qanat Bakish
  • Le Camp Falougha
  • Cedars Ground Campsite.

If you want more details, you can check Where to Find the Best Camping Places In Lebanon article on Property Finder.

Mountain camping in Christmas

Have Dinner at Bouyouti Hotel’s New Glasshouse Restaurant

What about a fancy dinner on Christmas break for a change? You should try the new Glasshouse restaurant at Bouyouti Hotel, where you can enjoy a magical dinner atmosphere. The restaurant has glass walls so you will take in the spectacular view of the trees and sky.


It is located at Maaser Beit Ed Dine.

Bouyouti Hotel’s New Glasshouse Restaurant

Watch a Play at Metro Al Madina

Did you think about watching a play at the theatre itself before? It is totally different and more interesting than watching it on TV. It’s a new experience to watch the actors performing live that you’ll love to do it regularly. 

Metro Al Madina offers a number of shows and performances. You can go during the Christmas break with your friends or family to watch one of the shows and try new things.

Here are some live shows there to check out:

  • Discotheque Nana
  • Hishik Bishik 
  • Nights for the Love of the Revolution.


It is located in Saroulla Center, on Hamra main street, Beirut.

Opening Hours 

  • From Monday to Saturday: 10 am-9 pm.
  • On Sunday: 2 pm-9 pm.

Pamper Yourself at Le Space Al Bustan’s Spa

There is no better way to end the year than pampering yourself and going for a spa session to relax and remove all the stress. Le Space Al Bustan offers you a unique and luxurious spa and hammam experience with a soothing Lebanese atmosphere. They also offer massages, body treatments, purifying masks, and age repair facials that will refresh your body and soul.


It is located at Beit Meri.

Le Space Al Bustan spa

Gather with Family 

Life makes us busy and we don’t find free time to gather with our family and connect with them. The Christmas break is a good opportunity to meet them and check up on them. You can plan for a dish party and cook a meal for them that you all enjoy, or a yummy dessert.

Decorate Your Home

One of the things that make Christmas a joyful and interesting season is its decorations. They spread happy and hopeful vibes everywhere, so how about decorating your home and filling it with Christmas vibes? It is a very enjoyable activity, even the children love it as it gets them excited.

Home decoration for Christmas

Bake Customized Biscuits and Cakes for Christmas

Don’t have plans for Christmas? Don’t worry as baking is the best option for a  last-minute Christmas break. One of the fun things to do over Christmas break is baking some customized cookies, biscuits, and cupcakes.

Here are the steps:

  1. Bake biscuits, cookies, and cupcakes
  2. Bring food colors.
  3. Make the sugar icing using the food colors.
  4. Using the sugar icing, make the shapes that you love like snowflakes, snowman’s face, and Reindeer’s face.
  5. Then you put those shapes on top.

Voila! Here are your customized sweets for Christmas. You can ask your children to help you and they would be very excited.

Christmas bakery

Sleepover with Friends (Movie Night)

On Christmas break, you don’t have to go to a fancy place to have a good time. Spending time with friends is all that matters, so how about gathering with friends at home to chit-chat? You can make it a movie night. All you have to do is bring your favorite movie and prepare some snacks like popcorn, cakes, nuts, and juice. 

Here are some top-rated movies to consider:

  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Godfather.

Shop for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about gifts. People buy gifts for each other to express their love for them and wish them an upcoming happy year. Throughout the festive break, you can go shopping and buy presents for your family and friends.

Consider visiting these shops where you can buy cool gifts:

  • ABC Shopping Center
    • ABC, Alfred Naccache Street, Beirut.
  • Miky’s Accessories
    • Citadel Square, Old Souk, Byblos
  • The Little Gift Spot
    • Gemmayzeh, Boutros Dagher Street, Beirut.
Christmas gifts

 Make a Snowman or Snowman Angel

We all wait for the winter to enjoy playing in the snow. One of the funniest activities during Christmas is making a snowman and taking photos beside it. Also, one of the lovely things to do in the snow is the snowman angel, where you lay on your back moving your legs and arms. It’s a lot of fun!


You don’t have to go to fancy places or make a detailed program to enjoy your Christmas break, because the important thing is to spend it with your beloved ones. Just enjoy the little things and make the best out of it.

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