Inside Q2 2018 Report

According to Propertyfinder’s data analysis department, the Q2 2018 report once again confirms residential properties for sale as the top trending search category on


The report further reveals that the highest search volumes in Q2 of 2018 were scored by Beirut, El Metn and Achrafieh; the latter being a new addition to the list when comparing YOY.


As for this year’s conversion rates, research shows that the top converting area in Mount Lebanon is Aley for both Residential Properties for Sale and Residential Properties for Rent lists. Similarly, for Beirut, Hamra surpasses Achrafieh in Residential Properties for Sale, and Monot takes first place in Residential Properties for Rent. In the North, Koura takes the lead as the top converting area for both rent and sale. Finally, in the South, Jezzine tops search for Residential Properties for Sale with a 6.14%.



Top Trending Search – according to property type


Among the 4 categories available on’s search engine, Residential Properties for Sale is the most searched category, with a 7.62% YOY increase since Q2 of last year. Residential for Rent on the other hand has dropped by 24.51% with respect to its Q2 2017 value and now stands at 13.21% – still a significant increase of 103.23% since Q1 2018.


YOY search behavior variations show a search drop in all of the categories except for Residential for Sale, and are as follows:


+ 7.62% search variation for Residential for Sale

– 24.51% search variation for Residential for Rent

– 37.58% search variation for Commercial for Rent

– 56.73% search variation for Commercial for Sale


Top 10 Searched Areas


Area search rate displays the number of properties searched for, in a specific area, as a percentage of total searches carried out on


The highest search volumes are associated with Beirut, El Metn and Achrafieh. Beirut takes the lead, surpassing El Metn; YOY comparison shows a 49.9% increase for Beirut, which accounted for 3.47% of search in Q2 2017. There is a significant 43.67% drop in search for El Metn, which went from 6.48% in Q2 2017 to 3.65% in Q2 2018. Achrafieh on the other hand, which did not feature in the top 10 searched areas of Q2 2017, sits at number 3 this year.



Areas with Top Share of Conversion


Conversion follows visitors – from point of contact to desired action – in this case, to communicate with an agent or developer.


Share of conversion looks at the number of conversions within various areas of one region.


Mount Lebanon

Residential for Sale
The top areas where conversion takes place in Q2 of 2018 are Aley, Baabda, followed by El Metn, Jbeil and Kesrouane.




Residential for Rent

Residential for Rent numbers show higher demand than that for Residential for Sale, in all areas; once again, Aley tops the list.




 Residential for Sale

Top converting areas in Beirut are Hamra and Jnah, followed by Badaro and Verdun.


Residential for Rent

Monot tops the list of top converting areas in Beirut for Residential for Rent, followed by Verdun, Ain Al Mraiseh and Hamra.



Residential for Sale

Koura leads the way in 2018 with 6.16%.

Residential for Rent

Zgharta does not appear in the top conversion areas for Residential for Rent, opposed to sale.




In the South, Jezzine takes the lead with 6.14%.


Source: Propertyfinder data