How to Choose the Best Eid Decorations for Home

Eid is a special time where we feel like we work on our spiritual side by helping people in need, and it is also a wonderful time to connect with our family and loved ones. How about adding some little touches that will help us enjoy this holiday even more? Here are some ideas about how to decorate your house for eid.

Eid Decorations for Home

The Living Room

The living room is where we spend most of our  time, so how about we start with it? Here are some living room decoration ideas to add:

  • Lanterns with sheep miniatures around them
  • A big Happy Eid sign
  • A crescent and a star in the middle as a centerpiece or on the side
  • Some cushions with sheep on them

The Dining Room

The dining room is one of the rooms you really need to decorate, especially if you are having guests over for eid. Here are some suggestions for special eid house decorations:

  • A mosque shaped lantern, or miniature
  • Some elegant Islamic designed lanterns
  • A table cloth with Happy Eid on them, or sheep, or the Kaaba
  • Eid themed cushions
Eid Decorations for Home

The Bedrooms

With very simple decorations in your bedroom, you can totally expand the eid spirit! Here are some ideas:

  • Eid themed covers
  • Pillows with some eid drawings, like words Happy Eid or anything Eid-related
  • Some Islamic designed lanterns on the nightstands
  • Islamic designed puffs or bean bags on the floor

The Guest Room

Sometimes guests are close family members or friends, so they stay in the living room, other times they are more distant relatives or friends, so you let them sit in the guest room. These are some suggestions for home decoration for eid for the guest room:

  • Frames with eid themed pictures, like maybe some Quran verses related to hajj or the Kaaba or eid al Adha
  • Cushions with Islamic drawings
  • Have some Islamic designed lanterns and Kaaba miniatures on the tables

There are numerous ways to make your home ready for eid, and home decorations are one of the ways to make this happen. Happy Eid everyone! Enjoy it to the max!

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