Your Guide to the Best Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is around the corner! The most awaited time of the year is approaching. It is a very cheerful and joyful. Whether Christian or not, everybody enjoys and celebrates this day. It is full of happy and lively vibes; people celebrate it in different ways, but the thing in common is that everybody gathers with their friends or family members to enjoy it to the max. 

What makes people excited about Christmas time is the decorating, as it gives a lot of happy and warm vibes. Through this article, we’ll make decorating your home for Christmas much easier. It includes decorating ideas and also DIYs.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Home Decorations

There’s nothing more exciting than decorating your home for Christmas. Family members and especially the children love making Christmas decorations. They buy the Christmas tree and other decorating material and gather to transform their home. Here are some Christmas decoration ideas for your home:

Christmas home decoration

Living Room

The living room means family gatherings and having your guests over. So it’s so important to decorate it in a catchy and impressive way. Here are some modern Christmas decoration ideas for your living room. 

  • The Christmas tree with red, gold, and silver ornaments hung on it
  • Candles at the corners of the room
  • Red and green stockings hanging on the walls
  • Winter wonderland and merry pillows on the sofa
  • Suspended snowflakes on the walls.


Doors give the first impression about the place and decorating them is quite easy and gives a good look for the home.

  • Green door swags
  • Wreaths
  • Reindeer swag 
  • “Merry Christmas” sign
  • Ringings bells.


Tables complete the home’s decor. They also could be decorated to add the final touches to your Christmas decorations and make it perfect. Here are some hints on tables’ decoration:

  • Green and red presents table runner
  • Christmas tree-like napkins
  • Red table cover
  • Small Christmas tree at the center of the table
  • Small snowmen and pine cones along the table.


The windows could be decorated from the external and internal sides. They complete the room’s look and complement the outdoor look as well. 

  • Christmas lights outlining the window from inside
  • Cordless garland with red ornaments suspended
  • Window box filled with blue cedar cordless garland from the outside.


The garden’s decoration gives a cheerful and positive impression for the surrounding. Your children will enjoy decorating the garden as it’s where they play and spend their quality time.

  • Wooden Christmas tree decorated with lights
  • Reindeer with ringing bells hanging from its neck
  • Urns filled with cordless greenery and colorful ornaments
  • Glowing snowman.


Bought Christmas presents and forgot about the decoration? Not a problem at all as you can do it yourself at home. Here are some DIY ideas for Christmas decorating material like ornaments, crafts, and other handmade items.


Ornaments are one of the most important things in Christmas decorations. They’re hung on the Christmas tree, doors, and tables. Instead of buying them and spending a lot of money, you can do it yourself with your children; it’ll be so much fun. Here are the tools that you will need. 

  • Plastic ornaments.
  • Relief colors (for painting on plastic or glass)
  • Painting brushes
  • Glitter.


  1. Use the relief colors to paint on the plastic ornaments
  2. Leave the colored ornaments to dry
  3. Then put the glitter into a bowl and dip them into it.


Your children are excited about Christmas and you want them to spend their time making useful and interesting things too? Christmas crafts can be made at home with just a few tools. Here are DIY Christmas crafts to do with your children.

Christmas crafts


  • White, red, and black papers
  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil
  • Silver glitter sheets.


  1. Fold 2 white paper sheets; repeat it many times.
  2. Glue one side of each paper.
  3. Connect the two papers together, from the glue side.
  4. Knit them from their center with a thin string.
  5. Repeat the above steps once more, to have another circle but a smaller one.
  6. Stick them together from the upper side of one and the bottom side of the other.
  7. Bring a black paper and cut it into a hat shape. 
  8. Then cut two tiny circles from the same black paper for the snowman’s eyes.
  9. For its nose, cut the orange paper sheet to make a small paper carrot.
  10. Finally, glue the eyes, nose, and hat on the smaller circle
Snowman crafts

Christmas tree

  • Green glitter sheets
  • Glue
  • Gold and red strands
  • Scissors
  • Colored cork small balls
  • Shooting star
  • Bells.
Christmas tree crafts


  1. Bring the green glitter sheet and fold it to make a cone.
  2. Use the glue to close it.
  3. Wrap the gold and red strands around the cone.
  4. Hang the colored cork balls, bells, and shooting stars for the final touch.

Decorating your home will add so much fun to your Christmas celebration, so don’t miss it!

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