Best Tours in Lebanon

Are you in Lebanon or visiting it and want to go on the best tours there? A trip to Lebanon is the best choice as it is one of the most charming destinations. There are a lot of cool places for tours there. Also, you can find a number of Lebanon group tours and programs to different destinations. To make it easy for you, through this article you’ll find the best tours in Lebanon:

1. Beirut

Have you been hearing about Beirut and finally you’re going there for a tour? You made the best decision to have some quality time. In Beirut, you’ll enjoy its beauty and charming nature which impresses everyone who has been there. In addition to its wonderful landscapes, it is your perfect spot for travel tours in Lebanon as you can go on different kinds of tours in Beirut due to its large area. 

You can go for a walking tour in Downtown Beirut, which will make you speechless from its beauty. Not just that, there’s a large number of tourist and cultural attractions there, so you can go on a culture trip through Beirut to explore new things. A Beirut city tour would be a fantastic and exciting one; don’t miss it! 

Beirut city


It is the capital of Lebanon.

Places to Visit for a City Sightseeing Tour in Beirut

  • National Museum of Beirut 
  • Beirut Souks
  • Zaitunay 
  • Downtown Beirut
  • Hamra Street
  • Church of Saint George Maronite
  • Mohammed Al Amin Mosque.

2. Ehden

Looking to go on an unforgettable city sightseeing tour in Lebanon outside the capital? Ehden is a mountainous town with a number of forests to explore. You can go hiking or discovering in the forests to enjoy wildlife. You can also visit Saydat El Hosn to enjoy the sunset charming view.

Ehden city


  • It is located in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon.
  • In the Mount Lebanon range.

Places to Visit at Ehden

  • Al Midan Square
  • Monastery 
  • Youssef Bey Karam Statue
  • Kadisha Valley.

3. Qoubaiyat

Do you want to have some quality time and escape the city’s noisiness? Then Qoubaiyat valley is a suitable place. There you can enjoy the natural surroundings of the pine forests that will leave you relaxed. Through this valley, you’ll experience new things making for unforgettable memories. This is a Lebanon tour not to be missed!



It is located in Akkar Government, Lebanon.

Places to Visit at Qoubaiyat

  • Spring Ain Martmoura 
  • Ain El Sitt
  • Scientific museum for birds, butterflies, and animals
  • Lebanon Mountain Trail.

4. Saida City (Sidon)

Saida is where you’ll go on a historical tour, have an outstanding view, and enjoy refreshing weather as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. You have various options as there are a lot of historical attractions to visit that take you back in time and make you feel the old vibes of this city. It’s the best choice if you’re looking for tours from Beirut away from the city.

Saida city


It is located in the South Governorate.

Places to Visit at Saida City

  • Sidon Sea Castle
  • Sidon Soap Museum 
  • Omari Mosque
  • Alleyway at the Old Souks
  • Bash Ahmad restaurant
  • Corniche.
Saida city

5. Heliopolis, Baalbek

Do you love ancient places where you feel the greatness around? Heliopolis, Baalbek is the best choice then. It is a very old and historic city where many civilizations took place. You can have a historic tour by visiting the different attractions there. Baalbek is the best place for a day tour in Lebanon.

Baalbek city


  • It is located in the east of the Litani River, Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley.
  • It is the capital of Baalbek Hermel Baalbek.

Places to Visit at Heliopolis, Baalbek

  • Temple of Jupiter
  • Stone of the pregnant woman
  • Temple of Bacchus
  • Baalbek Roman Ruins.

6. Jeita Grotto Lebanon

Have you ever thought about wandering through caves? It’s your chance now! Jeita Grotto is one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Lebanon. They are limestone crystallized grottos: two caves, an upper and a lower one. You’ll have a whole new adventure there as it is not only about the caves, but also the various other activities that you can do there. 

Jeita Grotto Lebanon


It is located in the Valley of the Dog River, Beirut.

Things to Do in Jeita Grotto Lebanon

  • Having a train ride
  • Having a look at the sculptures
  • Shopping at the souvenir shop 
  • Eating at the restaurant
  • Visiting the mini zoo.

7. Enfeh

Do you love fishing? It is one of the most significant things about the city as it’s a coastal city. You’ll have a great time at Enfeh as it is one of the best destinations for trips in Lebanon. The weather there is perfect for touring the city; you’ll feel like you’re in Greece as Enfeh is known as the Greece of Lebanon.

Enfeh city


It is located in the North Government of Lebanon. 

Places to Visit at Enfeh

  • Deir El Natour
  • Old Saltworks
  • The old church of Notre-Dame des Vents
  • Anfeh Beach.

8. Tripoli

Tripoli is where you’ll enjoy the fresh and cool air of the Mediterranean Sea. You also have a good opportunity to see the Mamluk architecture and enjoy its beauty through your tour.

You can visit the Palm Islands that became a protected area as it is where endangered loggerhead turtles, migratory birds, and monk seals live. At Tripoli, you’ll have a great time touring it whether through visiting the historical places or enjoying its corniche.



It is located in the north of Beirut. 

Places to Visit in Tripoli

  • Mansouri Great Mosque
  • Khan Al Saboun
  • Citadel of Raymond de Saint -Gilles.

9. Adonis Valley 

Are you an adventure lover? Then Adonis valley is a good choice. It is placed on the side of the Adonis River and has a lot of trees, a jungle-like nature. You can go hiking as Adonis valley is the perfect place for it. It is a wild and adventurous tour, so you’ll enjoy this interesting place.

Adonis Valley


  • It is located on the side of Adonis River
  • It is 5 km from Byblos.

10. Aanjar

How about wandering through temples and historic sights? It would be so much fun. At Aanjar, there are a lot of touristic sights to visit. You’ll have very artistic pictures there at those attractive places.

Umayyad Ruins of Anjar.


It is located in Bekaa Valley.

Places to Visit in Aanjar

  • The Tetrapylon 
  • The Grand Palace
  • Umayyad Ruins of Anjar.
  • Anjar Citadel.

11. Batroun

A coastal city with a number of the most prominent touristic places in north Lebanon what else for a perfect tour destination? No indeed! At Batroun, you can also go biking by its coastline as it is one of the most famous activities there.



It is located in the North Governorate. 

Places to Visit in Batroun

  • Mseilha Fort
  • White Beach 
  • Phoenician Wall 
  • Baloue Balaa
  • Historic Souk.

You’ll really enjoy touring at those interesting places as none regret going on trips and tours in Lebanon. It is a very beautiful city. Prepare yourself and your backpack and make the best out of it!

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