Find the Best Naqoura Resorts in Lebanon

Lebanon is just full of amazing places that take your breath away, and Naqoura is definitely one of those places. It is a charming district in Tyre that is located on the beach, which adds to its charm. 

We are here to help you unplug and chill by showing you a list of some of the most significant resorts in Naqoura Lebanon. Read on, and make your choice easily!

Best Naqoura Resorts in Lebanon

Alma Verdi Hotel

Alma Verdi is one of the hotels in Naqoura South Lebanon where you will feel welcome, warm, and relaxed. 


It is located in Alma Chaab, South Lebanon.


  • Chill at the swimming pool
  • Have a delicious meal at their restaurant

Accommodation Fees

The price per night is for about $85 


Luna Motel

Luna motel is the place to be when you are looking for a cozy, friendly place to enjoy yourself and relax. 


It is located in south Lebanon in Naqoura


  • Hike in the beautiful nature surrounding you
  • Eat at the motel restaurant

Accommodation Fees 

Prices per night start from $70


Reve de la Mer Naqoura

This is the resort for you if you need to go away and take a break from everything! Reve de la Mer is a little heaven where you get pampered, feel like you are somewhere out of this world, yet feel totally at home. It is one of the best Naqoura hotels.


It is located on the Main Street in Naqoura, south Lebanon.


  • Enjoy a swim in their swimming pool and get a perfect tan
  • Taste the amazing food they make at the hotel restaurant
  • Get pampered at the spa

Accommodation Fees 

Price per night starts from about $160


Turquoise Beach Resort

Turquoise Beach Resort is a gorgeous Naqoura beach resort where the rooms are designed in the shape of bungalows. You will have a perfect stay with amazing views! There yet?


It is located in Al Qulayleh in Naqoura, Tyre.


  • Enjoy a perfect view
  • Go to the beach
  • Have a refreshing swim at the hotel swimming pool
  • Play water sports

Asamina Boutique Hotel

Asamina Boutique is one of the most charming Naqoura Lebanon hotels. What makes is standout is its friendly warm atmosphere that is given by its gorgeous building design and modern comfy furniture. 


It is located in Tyre, very close to Naqoura, on Sayed el Bihar Street.


  • Enjoy delicious meals of your choice
  • Get adventurous and play exciting water sports
  • Relax, chill, or swim at the beach

Accommodation Fees

Price per night is for about $144

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