Find the Best Beaches In Kaslik

Lebanon is a gorgeous country with breathtaking nature that varies between green lands, mountains, frozen white mountain tops, and the different shades of blue and yellow of the beaches. Kaslik is one of the prettiest coastal areas in Lebanon. Discover more about this wonderful area and the best beaches there, where you can relax and have a great time, while enjoying the stunning scenery around you.


Veer Kaslik

What defines a beautiful hotel besides amazing service, wonderful food, and elegant decoration and comfort is the view. Veer Hotel overlooks the amazing mountains in Mount Lebanon, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, so heaven!


It is located in Zouk Mikael in Kaslik, Jounieh.


  • Relax or swim at the beach
  • Play watersports
  • Enjoy amazing meals from different cuisines

Accommodation Fees

The price per night is for around $230.


Mocean Kaslik

Mocean is a wonderful place for those who like sports with a gorgeous view. It is a sports club on  the beach, where you can do the things you love and enjoy a wonderful day at the beach as well.


It is located in Kaslik, in Mount Lebanon, close to Samaya Kaslik.


  • Have fun at the beach 
  • Play indoors and outdoors sports
  • Get fit at the gym
  • Have a great meal and refreshing drinks at the club restaurant
  • Have a blast relaxing and swimming at the club’s private pool

Entrance Fees

The pool entrance fee is $20


Senses Kaslik

Senses Hotel is the perfect place for you to relax and recharge your energy. The hotel staff is dedicated to their guests’ absolute comfort and how to make their stay remarkable.


It is located on Kaslik Beach Road.


  • Chill at the hotel spa
  • Workout at the hotel gym and health club

Accommodation Fees

The price per night is about $135


Samaya Beach Resort Kaslik

Samaya Beach Resort is one of the best kaslik beach resorts which provides various activities that will give you the experience of a lifetime! 


It is located in Kaslik, close to Mocean Club and Beach Resort.


  • Play sports at the different sport courts close by
  • Swim and play water sports
  • Have fun and relax at the beach

Accommodation Fees

Prices per night start from $52


Cyan Beach Kaslik

Cyan Beach is one of the most amazing beach resorts in Kaslik Lebanon where you can chill, relax, and have a blast!


It is located on Kaslik Seaside Road.


  • Get a fabulous tan at the beach
  • Swim at the swimming pool

Opening Hours

Every day from 9:00 am to 1:00 am

Entrance Fees

The average price per person is $20

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