Back to School Home Decor

After a long summer weekend, here we’re back to schools! It’s known that kids hate this season when they have to say goodbye to the summer outings, pool and spending the night watching movies and it’s the school season which means sleeping time, outings on the weekends only and spending hours in studying. A better way to make your children excited and making them less sad about getting back to school is redecorating your home for school’s season, is telling them we’re going to buy new things for the house and re-decorate it. Here are some suggestions for back to school home decorations.

Home Decor

The Kids Room 

The kids’ room is where they spend most of their time, so you can start with their room to get them excited. Here are some ideas of your kids’ room decorations:

  • A number of shelves so they can put their books on them.
  • “Back to school” Stickers for the door.
  • Small whiteboards on the walls.
  • Colorful desks.
  • Colorful Name Tags on their beds and desks.
The Kids Room

The Living Room

Your kids may get bored with their room and may like to stay in the living room so you can also make some decorations in the living room too. Here are some recommendations:

  • Cabinet combinations to put their books or tools while studying.
  • Noticeboard to hang their to-do list on it.
  • Colorful mates.
The Living Room

The Garden

You can also decorate your garden so they stay in the fresh air with a view while studying or doing their homework. 

  • Colorful beanbags.
  • Big educational toys
  • Cool lighting 
  • Juice and snacks corner.
The Garden

The Kitchen

School season means preparing a lot of lunchboxes and water flasks. You can make some changes to make it easier for you while preparing your child’s food.

  • Organizing cabinets.
  • Kitchen Trolly 
  • Wall cabinet with door.
The Kitchen

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