A Step Forward for the Lebanese Real Estate Industry


The past few years have witnessed the inevitable digitization of businesses, the real estate industry being no exception.

The Syndicate of Real Estate in Lebanon (REAL) has recently partnered with Propertyfinder.com.lb aiming to ensure a digital transition for Lebanese brokerage firms. REAL is working on broadening its reach so that it may implement new laws into the market, ensuring the security of professional brokerage firms and educating them on how to manage their businesses effectively in the digital era.

REAL, alongside Propertyfinder Lebanon will soon start hosting workshops, courses and events for syndicate members, to train them on how to protect brand equity – vital in the modern age – as well as establish digital marketing best practices for their businesses. The partnership was formed to help expand the syndicate’s reach so that it may gather more members and help brokerage firms better succeed, while providing the necessary tools for proper marketing campaigns. Propertyfinder will share its knowledge and proven best practices to support the syndicate, hence the industry, towards fulfilling its objectives.

This is a step forward for the industry, as Propertyfinder.com.lb becomes REAL’s official digital media partner.